Don't front the Binman (getoutofmytown) wrote in nimbys,
Don't front the Binman

I read in the Daily Mail this morning....

that many of these so called "asylum seekers" are actually allowed food! and clothing!

This must stop. Our tolerant way of life is being drowned in gutter scum! We must chuck out anyone who isn't white and from Berkshire so that we can continue being the tolerant, friendly, caring nation that our ancestors fought Hitler to preserve!
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oh my god. That is so upsetting you know. That you the Conservative party in your interests makes me ashamed to be a conservative. Your views are not those of the Conservative party- they may have been 50 years ago but not anymore. It is people like you that reinforce the stereotypes that dog any chances we have of ever getting into power. People will not vote for racist bigots. The Conservative party is NOT the BNP. The Conservative party does NOT stand for white supremacy. The Conservative party does NOT want to kick out genuine asylum seekers. The Conservative party is not the party for people like you. It would be ok if you actually knew what you were talking about. I could even respect an educated opinion- tho I would never agree with it. You read the Daily Mail for gods sake. People like you will never get any further than your white picket fence suburban life livin with mommy and daddy and whingin about how bad youve got it. I even feel sorry for you
"Erm, this is not real - we don't support the actual views being put forward, we completely oppose it. it's making fun of those who truly support the nimbyism of the right wing press. Please don't join thinking it's not satire - we hate your sort."

Thats the quote on the LJ User info page for Nimbys. Did you miss that bit? The bit where it mentioned "satire"? The views put forward in this community are a comic exaggeration of views put forward by rags such as the Daily Mail and the Sun, and also - yes - by members of the Conservative Party.

Next time, check your facts before you make a complete idiot of yourself.

ok i apologise profusely, I really do. But you must understand that if people like myself miss ur justification it can seem really really offensive. There are people out there who think that the views you satirise have some validity and they just make me so angry. I hope you can understand that- please forgive my mistake